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To the Editor:

I would like to take the time to thank everyone for their help and support in the opening of the new Gurley Antiques Gallery in Yarmouth, Maine. It was an enormous undertaking, and it would have been nearly impossible to do it myself. I say “nearly impossible” because, well, I am a Gurley, and nothing is quite impossible. I would like to thank my family, Mom, Peter, and Joshua, for everything, especially Josh. He was the guy who built the walls for the shop; we were just the moral support. Those three came from North Parsonsfield every day for a month to “make” Gurley Antiques Gallery. They drove through snow, sleet, and hail to get this place open. We had to build the walls, paint walls, move the cases, fill the spaces, and be open for February 29. Honestly, I didn’t know if we were going to get it done in time! It was right down to the wire!

I’d like to thank my dealers who are exhibiting in the shop; they are really the most important folks in this equation. You just can’t have a “Quality Multi-dealer Shop” without the multi-quality dealers! I would also like to thank the folks who are not exhibiting here but who support the gallery through buying and just being our friends. Thank you to Paul and Douglas of Firehouse Antiques for finding my cases—and again, to my big brother Josh for the ride to Maryland (a road trip not to be soon forgotten). Thank you to my landlords and new family friends, David and Ellen, for their ongoing support and the opportunity to use their gorgeous building. Finally, thank you to all the people who came to our opening on February 29. It was a great time, great food (thank you, Betsy Leslie), and most important, great, great antiques. We must have been crazy to open a new shop in the middle of the winter in Maine, in this ailing economy, but what are we going to do? I have yet to meet an antiques dealer who throws in the towel and “gives up.” We are quite a stubborn group of folks. The new Gurley Antiques Gallery is doing absolutely fantastic. We had an unbelievable opening and March. It has exceeded all of our expectations and more. Of all the gifts I have ever received, the best gift my Mom ever gave me was the world of antiques—the business and the antiques dealers who have been my friends and “ family” all these years. Thank you.

Rachel Gurley
Gurley Antiques Gallery
Yarmouth, ME